Virginia Tech Football Season Tickets

August 25, 2009

This page automatically filters listings from eBay to display only Virginia Tech Football Season Tickets at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, VA.  If you are looking for VT football season tickets, this is meant to make it easy to find and buy the perfect set of seats for your needs.  Buy Virginia Tech Hokie Season Tickets here on eBay.

Listings displayed first are auctions ending soonest! Use the search feature to locate season tickets more specific to your needs.  If you are looking for individual Virginia Tech Tickets for other Hokie games, please refer to our standard Virginia Tech Football Tickets page.

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Find the Best Virginia Tech Football Season Tickets

Season ticket packages for Virginia Tech Hokie football games in Blacksburg are generally tough to get and go quickly.  Usually only donors to the Hokie Athletic Club even have a chance to purchase season tickets, and your level of contribution determines how good the seats you can buy.  Gameday in Blacksburg has become a special event, and as the Virginia Tech football program has elevated ticket demand has risen with it.

If you are looking for season tickets, you can often find them on eBay or from ticket brokers.  Many season ticket holders who decide they have too many seats or have a year where they won't make many games decide to see them on auction sites like this.  We've created this page of eBay auctions to show what is currently active in terms of season tickets, with listings ending soonest listed first so you can see the seats that are most likely to sell.

Season ticket holders also get access to the best games.  Some of the top rivalry games Virginia Tech has each year with teams like UVa, Georgia Tech, Clemson, UNC, and Miami are the toughest to get and being a season ticket holder is a way to ensure you get tickets to the best games.  Often you can sell off the tickets to the games you don't attend as demand for tickets to all Hokie games is generally high.  Just check eBay for any Saturday and you'll see plenty of buying and selling.

Use the search feature on this page, or spend some time browsing to find seats in quantity and location you want (season ticket locations vary greatly).  Refer to the Lane Stadium Seating Chart for more information about seat location.

Also note that another huge benefit of a season ticket package is the parking pass, and again you should check the details of the listing to see if the seller is including his parking pass and in what lot it is included.    Parking without a pass is fine but usually means being a long way from the stadium, and a good ways away from the prime tailgating sections, so try to get a package with a parking pass.

Check back often because this page keeps the top eBay listings for the Virginia Tech season ticket packages updated constantly.

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