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Is it possible to have enough Hokie T-shirts? As Virginia Tech sports have grown, so has the number of great Virginia Tech maroon t-shirt styles available for Hokie fans to wear. There are T-shirts for virtually every sport, season, and occasion. Plus, they are so flexible, great for wearing on weekends, to the tailgate and game, around campus, to class, around the house, and anywhere else. Choose from a variety of styles and designs. The T-shirts in this store are all also made from high quality fabrics so that they fit great and last long.

True Virginia Tech fans generally have a variety of T-shirts including different themes and colors, but your ‘go to’ Hokie T-shirt is likely maroon. So in this store we’ve tried to combine maroon Virginia Tech t-shirts from a variety of manufacturers in one place to make it easy for Hokie fans to shop for them in one place. You’ll find T-shirts from Nike, Adidas, Cadre, and more, and many are officially licensed product that contain Hokie colors and logos.