Virginia Tech Orange Sweatshirt Store

Find a Virginia Tech Orange Sweatshirt

Official Virginia Tech colors are Chicago maroon and burnt orange. At most Hokie events, you find a majority of fans wearing maroon (the main exception being student organized ‘orange effect’ football games). So if you want to stand out in the Hokie crowd, wear a Hokie Orange Sweatshirt and get noticed! Even if you have plenty of sweatshirts in other colors, every Virginia Tech fan should have at least one orange colored piece of merchandise in their collection. And if is ‘Orange Effect’ day in Lane Stadium, pull it out and you’ll be all set.

Virginia Tech Orange sweatshirts are also a must when visiting opposing team who wear maroon or burgandy: Florida State, Texas A&M, UMass, etc. But make sure its Virginia Tech officially licensed gear that has a Hokie logo and the Chicago maroon incorporated with it (remember, our rival has Orange as one of their colors as well). Shop this store to see the latest available Orange sweatshirts from a variety of manufacturers.