Virginia Tech Rug and Carpet Store

This store contains Virginia Tech Rug and Virginia Tech Carpet products all in one place. Here you will find Virginia Tech area rugs, Virginia Tech welcome mats, Virginia Tech indoor rugs, Virginia Tech Mats, Virginia Tech outdoor rugs, Virginia Tech carpets, Virginia Tech acrylic rugs, Virginia Tech floor mats, Virginia Tech tufted rugs, and more.

Finding a Virginia Tech Rug or Virginia Tech Carpet

We want to make it easy for HOKIE FANS to all the Virginia Tech rug styles available from various manufacturers in one place, so we’ve created this store with all of them consolidated in one place. If you are looking for a gift for a Virginia Tech friend or family member, a Hokie rug is also a good option.

If you are decorating your house, dorm, or that special room with Virginia Tech decor, a Hokie rug or Hokie carpet is a great addition! There are a whole variety of Hokie area rugs available in various sizes and styles that can add plenty of maroon and orange to your room. You can also use an area rug to add some subtle Hokie pride with a smaller area rug in any room, such as your office or bedroom. Many Virginia Tech fans also want to declare their house a ‘Hokie House’ with a Virginia Tech welcome mat.

Given the popularity of Virginia Tech sports, there are so many more NCAA product manufacturers now making Virginia Tech products, and this includes rugs and carpets so Hokie fans now have many to choose from. You can choose from small or large area rugs, many styles which come in multiple sizes (be sure to check one clicking on an item), and rugs in various fabrics such as acrylic. Also, there are many Virginia Tech floor mats available good for decorating kids rooms or accessorizing rooms with sports or Hokie themes.