Virginia Tech Flag Store

This store contains Virginia Tech Flag products, including Virginia Tech car flags, Virginia Tech tailgate flags, Virginia Tech garden flags, Virginia Tech house flags, and other Virginia Tech Hokie flags!

Buying a Virginia Tech Flag

The tailgate scene in Blacksburg has become one of the best in college football, which is a great thing for Hokies. On and off campus parking lots are filled with tailgaters as far as the eye can see. One of the downsides to this of course is having YOUR friends find YOUR tailgate! The answer? A tall Virginia Tech flag for your tailgate spot (or possibly multiple flags) hung high in the air so that all your friends can find you!

Looking for a set of car flags to sport on your ride on the way to Blacksburg for the big game? Nothing creates more excitement that caravans of Hokie cars driving up and down I-81 with Hokie car flags waving in the air! Be a part of it! Its fun for other Hokies driving down the highway to see your car flying your Hokie pride with several Virginia Tech flags.

A Virginia Tech flag also makes a great gift for your Hokie fan. These are so popular, and if you’ve run out of apparel items to give them, find a great flag? Whether a car flag, house flag, or patio flag, its a great way for them to add more Virginia Tech to their collection. There are several styles available from various manufacturers.

Want to put some Virginia Tech pride in your Garden? Need something to mark your house as a “Hokie” house in the neighborhood? You’ve found the right page! You can even use these flags in your dorm, apartment, or home as decorations. If you need to establish your Virginia Tech allegiance in your neighborhood or on your street, then you can do it with any of these types of flags.