Michael Vick Memorabilia

Finding Michael Vick Memorabilia

Buying, selling, and collecting sports memorabilia has become very popular, and many people enjoy building collections of souvenirs from their favorite players and teams. While this was traditionally done with pro teams, it is very popular with college powerhouses, and Virginia Tech is certainly one of those. So many Hokie fans now enjoy collecting Virginia Tech memorabilia for display in their homes or just keepsake.

While there are many Virginia Tech players in the NFL and NBA today, no other player has generate more trade in memorabilia and autographed merchandise than Michael Vick. Of course being the #1 pick in the NFL draft, a starting NFL quarterback, and all-Pro, and on the cover of an EA sport game will do that. Michael Vick probably sold more football jerseys than any other Atlanta Falcon in 20 years.

Though Michael Vick has had his troubles in the last 2 years and hasn’t played, his merchandise has still traded an still has value. In fact Michael Vick Virginia Tech merchandise is still quite popular and sells regularly on eBay. With Michael Vick’s possible return to football in 2009, his memorabilia and autographed merchandise may pick up in sales again especially once he is back on the field.

Popular Michael Vick Virginia Tech memorabilia includes Michael Vick Virginia Tech autographs including Michael Vick Virginia Tech autographed football jerseys, Michael Vick Virginia Tech signed photos, Michael Vick Virginia Tech autographed footballs, and Michael Vick Virginia Tech autographed football helmets. Vintage tickets and programs from Virginia Tech games in which Vick played are also popular to collect and trade.