Virginia Tech Jacket Store

Finding a Virginia Tech Jacket

As the Virginia Tech Hokies football (and basketball) programs have elevated, so has the popularity of their fan apparel, and this includes Hokie jackets. If you attend Virginia Tech football games in the fall or early winter, a Hokie jacket is essential to stay warm and show off your maroon and orange outerwear.

Virginia Tech windbreakers and Virginia Tech windshells are also very popular for Hokies, whether on the golf course or just outdoors. You’ll find Hokie golf windshells from Nike, Adidas, and other major manufacturers. Virginia Tech golf jackets are also popular with women. VT apparel is now available in all types of styles and colors. You can find Hokie gear in maroon and orange in just about any piece you could want, and from all the major sportswear manufacturers.

You can find great Virginia Tech jackets at retailers or on the web, but if you want to save when purchasing your next Hokie outwear item, consider buying on eBay. Many sellers now use this online auction site for selling their Hokie merchandise, and there are Hokie jackets available there.

Looking for a gift for a Virginia Tech fan?

A Virginia tech jacket is a great choice, and will make them feel like you splurged on them. If they are a golfer, a VT golf jacket will be perfect. A Virginia Tech student can be outfitted with a variety of Hokie jackets, especially for cold walks on the Blacksburg campus. If you’ve already bought them all kinds of other apparel, a Virginia Tech jacket is the next logical alternative.