Countdown to Signing Day: RB Marshawn Williams

by JustinC on January 8, 2014 · 5 comments

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  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Countdown to Signing Day: RB Marshawn Williams
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Countdown to Signing Day: RB Marshawn Williams
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Countdown to Signing Day: RB Marshawn Williams
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Countdown to Signing Day: RB Marshawn Williams

dp dp pdphoebuswarwick10 jpg 20130923 Countdown to Signing Day: RB Marshawn WilliamsAfter Virginia Tech’s crushing 42-12 loss to UCLA, Mark May and Lou Holtz criticized, albeit fairly, Virginia Tech about their lack of playmakers on offense. For the most part, they were right. The Hokies lacked a proven playmaker at running back, wide receiver, and at times, quarterback. There were no David Wilson’s, no Ryan Williams, no Tyrod Taylor's, no Antonio Freeman's, and no Danny Coale’s on this team.

In the past, Tech has always relied on several players to help bail out the scheme and seemingly make plays almost out of thin air. Now when Virginia Tech has a scheme to support playmakers, they’re noticeably absent. Thankfully, last year’s 2013 class and this year’s 2014 class have some recruits that may fill that void, including today's recruit of honor Marshawn Williams.

Williams is a dynamic running back. He’s a load to tackle, he’s a physical north-south runner, and he’s the type of player that could grow into a 1,500 yard workhorse in the future. He’s a little Shyrone Stith and a little Darren Evans. Overall, he’s the type of running back Tech has missed out on over the past three recruiting classes.

Best of all, Williams is enrolling in two weeks and will go through spring practice. That’s important since the Hokies will only have JC Coleman, Joel Caleb, and Chris Mangus available at running back this spring. I know the coaches would love to move Mangus out to wide receiver for the duration of the camp to see how he fits there. Trey Edmunds will likely miss the spring session due to the broken leg he suffered against UVA.


Screen Shot 2014 01 05 at 11.56.33 AM Countdown to Signing Day: RB Marshawn WilliamsKnown Scholarship Offers

Virginia Tech

* Marshawn committed early and to our knowledge, didn’t garner any more official scholarship offers.

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Highlight Film

Click here to watch Marshawn Williams highlight film.

Freshman Impact

Time to put on my Meteorologist hat and do my best to predict the unpredictable seven months out. Going into fall practice, the Hokies could have as many as six players who could play at running back in 2014. Depth won’t be much of an issue but I could see Shane Beamer electing to move one or two of his guys to other positions in this offense. Or, at the very least, work with Scot Loeffler on how to use several of these players in more prominent roles.

Trey Edmunds will likely return in 2014 as the likely starter. Behind an improved offensive line, I could see Edmunds turning into a breakout player next year. You have to remember that he just turned 19 years old. He’s a very young redshirt sophomore.

The battle behind Edmunds is going to be intense and I think you’ll see JC Coleman and Marshawn Williams emerge as the primary backups. That leaves Chris Mangus and Joel Caleb out of the mix. Caleb could move to defense and provide depth at safety, which is where a lot of Virginia Tech fans originally wished the coaches would slot him. He could also move to wide receiver to help provide depth there. It’s unclear what the coach staff’s intentions are at this point.

Williams is going to be in the mix this fall and I think that’s going to be very good news for this offense. I’m not sold he can come in and contribute as much as other freshman running backs on a national scale but he’s a natural runner. If there are lanes or creases, he’ll be able to hit them. Going forward, Williams may help Virginia Tech return to their nasty, smashmouth style of rushing attack that we’ve longed for over the past three seasons.

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ben January 8, 2014 at 9:24 am

How did Durkin do in the O-D all amercian game?


JustinC January 8, 2014 at 2:08 pm

Looked good but I haven’t seen the entire game. I think he’s headed for a redshirt year just to add some bulk. Once he gets to next spring, he’ll be able to refine his mechanics a bit and it will give VT an additional option at QB.


kenroe January 8, 2014 at 2:03 pm

I’m more curious how Stroman and Reavis did as i think they’ll have a much bigger impact sooner than Durkin!!! Durkin will be behind Motley ( who i think will start) Leal, Ford and perhaps McMillian who i think needs to stay at QB cause we need a legit dual threat and he fits the mold. And Reavis and Stroman are probably our best recruits in this class outside of harrison and both will see the field early!!! Stroman should start on PR next year as a true freahman and Reavis will play next year as well!!


JustinC January 8, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Durkin looked good, strong arm and good decision making. I think sometimes we get a little too caught up in the physical aspects of a recruit and overlook something like how quickly a QB can make decisions and whether or not those decisions are good decisions. I think Durkin can be a force for us in the future but it would be wise to redshirt him and I think that’s what Loeffler will likely do.

I agree with you on Motley, he’s the wildcard this spring.


Ryan January 8, 2014 at 9:07 pm

Whats the latest on Drew Harris? Is he trying to enroll again?


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