Virginia Tech, West Virginia To Renew Series for 2021 and 2022

by JustinC on July 3, 2013 · 1 comment

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For most Virginia Tech fans, the list of hated rivals goes a little something like this: 1.) UVA 2.) WVU  3.) Miami.  For some, you may be able to switch West Virginia and UVA on that list. That’s how much HokieNation hates West Virginia.  It’s not a “meh” feeling, it’s not an “I don’t like those guys” feeling, it’s an “I hate those guys” feeling. 

But, before we go into why this renewal is a good thing, let’s discuss the specifics.  In 2021, the Hokies will head to Morgantown to play the Mountaineers on their home field.  The date set for this game is September 18th, which should be week three of the season.  The reason this date is significant is that the Hokies will host Michigan the week before this game.  Talk about a tough opening stretch of games if both programs hold serve to where they are now.  In 2022, West Virginia will travel back to Lane Stadium on September 24th, which could be either the 3rd or 4th week of the season.  I’m a little unsure on the specifics there.

For most Hokie fans, this rivalry renewal is going to help get the juices flowing a little bit.  After all, ever since Tech stopped playing West Virginia, our out-of-conference games have seemed a little stale.  Sure playing these made-for-TV games have been fun (even though we’ve lost all of them), there’s nothing like having a team you truly hate enter your home arena and watching your favorite team crush them. 

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Plus, the new playoff system is going to take into account strength of schedule so having both West Virginia and Michigan on our slate in 2021 would look favorably in the eyes of this “committee.” Of course, WVU could tamper off as could Michigan but both programs have enough invested in their football programs to keep them afloat for the foreseeable future. 

Although I do think some time apart was needed, it’s time for Virginia Tech and West Virginia to play each other again.  Part of being a football fan is having that pit in your stomach before a big rivalry game.  If you’re a Tech fan, it’s been a few years at least since that pit has been there. 

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