Terrell Edmunds Commits to Virginia Tech

by JustinC on April 24, 2013 · 0 comments

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Go back through the record books and you’ll find countless examples of brothers, cousins, father and sons, and even cousins who have followed in their relatives footsteps and played for Virginia Tech. So, it’s not shocking that the Hokies offered and secured a commitment from Terrell Edmunds this week. Terrell is of course, the younger brother of current running back Trey Edmunds.

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 180 lbs.
40: 4.6
Year: 2014
Location: Danville, VA
High School: Dan River High School
Offers: Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, and Hampton

Highlight Film

Prediction Based on Film Evidence

I’m keeping this article a little shorter than normal just because they’re isn’t a whole lot of information out there on Terrell. Here’s what we know. He’s the younger brother of Trey Edmunds, who’s a bit of a freak athlete at running back. Much like his brother in high school, he plays both football and participates in Track and Field. He’s an athlete and one that will likely need some time to develop. The Hokies recruited him as an athlete and will place him at either wide receiver or cornerback depending upon how the rest of the class develops between now and Signing Day.

As for his film, I would really like for Dan River to hire somebody to film their games. Good lawd! Was a drunk monkey operating that camera?

Alright let’s break it down. Defensively, I really like Edmunds as a corner. Obviously, the competition in Danville is rather ‘meh’ but he shows the ability to cover downfield, turn his haps with the receiver, backpeddle and get in and out of his cuts, and he shows the ability to lower the shoulder when coming up in run support. He may not play against great competition but Edmunds has some skill.

Offensively, I’m not a huge fan of him at running back. He has some moves but he just doesn’t have the vision or the 0-60 speed needed to be effective at the collegiate level. He’s a little rigid in the way he runs and has some wasted motion up top as well.

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I will admit he has some potential at wide receiver but its hard to tell how much without more film on him there. He’s Dan River’s do-it-all player. He never stays in one spot long enough to learn the nuances of the position. He just goes out there and plays.
Overall, I’m a little surprised the Hokies had offered him so soon. At best, I thought he would be a camp guy and the coaches would use his camp performance as a reason to offer him. That said, I’m happy to have him on board as he does have quite a bit of potential.

Upshot for the rest of the class

I really don’t know what this means for our defensive back recruiting. I’m guessing Tech will back off some of their out-of-state targets unless they show interest in visiting in the near future. The Hokies now have C.J. Reavis, Kalen McCain, Javon Harrison, and Terrell Edmunds committed, all of whom could end up at defensive back.

As it stands, it looks like Harrison will begin his career at wide receiver. I think Tech has softened on their stance there. There are a few people around the program that believe he is one of the top wide receivers in the country in this class. C.J. Reavis could play linebacker as well as safety. That really leaves one cornerback recruit in Edmunds and a safety recruit in McCain as the only definitive defensive backs in this class.

I do think if Tech can find one more safety, they would happily take him. At this point, I don’t know who that would be. The coaching staff may rely on the camp circuit and their own summer camps to produce another prospect.

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