Tacklin’ A Multitude of Hokie Topics

by JustinC on March 9, 2013 · 6 comments

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Picture 1 Tacklin’ A Multitude of Hokie Topics

Good Saturday evening blog readers. Over the past several days, there has been several smaller newsworthy items that have popped up in the Twitterverse that I have neglected to cover here on the blog. Part of that is because most of these items aren’t really enough to form an interesting blog article without a lot of fluff. Thus, I’ve decided to do a quick hitter type of article hoping to gloss over them all. We’ll start with one of our basketball players being eligible for a prestigious award.

Erick Green a Finalist For the Wooden Award

On Saturday, the 15 finalists for the John R. Wooden Award, which goes to the nation’s top basketball player, were announced. Surprisingly, Erick Green was one of those 15 finalists. Obviously, the Hokies star point guard doesn’t have much of a shot to win the award. The Hokies have struggled this season and Green’s nomination seems to be more out of respect than anything. But, having a finalist for this award is certainly something James Johnson can sell on the recruiting trail.

Other ACC players on the final list of 15 include Shane Larkin (Miami) and Mason Plumlee (Duke).

Frank Beamer Given Lifetime Achievement Award by the DC Touchdown Club

Speaking of respect, the DC Touchdown Club, which used to be the granddaddy of all sports banquets back in the 1960’s, gave Virginia Tech’s head coach Frank Beamer their Lifetime Achievement Award last week. You can read a little bit more on this subject matter in a Washington Post article dated February 14th. It goes into a little more detail on the history of event.

Also of note, Kendall Fuller was at the banquet as well to receive the District Player of the Year award.

Softball Out to a 15-2 Start

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I want to give a big shout out to Virginia Tech’s Softball team who has started this season on a 15-2 tear.  Of course, ACC play will start very soon and that’s when we’ll find out just how good this team is this year.  But, 15-1 record to start the year including a recent win over #9 UCLA is nothing to scuff at.  It looks like the girls are going to be postseason bound this year as long as the train doesn’t derail in conference. 

Alexander Ziegler Wins Weight Throw National Championship

With a distance of 22.46 meters, Alexander Ziegler claimed the Weight Throw National Championship today.  That is the 13th individual National Championship at Virginia Tech and the 3rd for Ziegler.  He also has a pair of Hammer Throw titles to his name (2011 and 2012). 

Virginia Tech Loses Series to Georgia Tech

The Yellow Jackets invaded Blacksburg and will leave with a series win over the Hokies, no matter what happens on Sunday.  The 14th ranked Yellow Jackets dominated Tech on Friday, beating the Hokies 11-1 thanks to a dominant pitching performance from ace Buck Farmer. 

On Saturday, Georgia Tech used a 6 run 7th inning to overpower the Hokies, winning the game 14-9.  The two teams will play again on Sunday at 1 p.m.

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{ 6 comments… read them below or add one }

LJ March 10, 2013 at 12:10 pm

Eric Green had a great year even if the Hokies did not. So that brings up the enviable question…how bad will the Hokies be next year without arguably the best one year performance by a VT player in recent memory? Now I really like J. Johnson as a person and as a basketball coach, just not at VT. He was set up for failure from day one (insert Weavers felony mug shot) and he has done a fair job for a guy that was not a head man at any level since HS. With one recruit likely to start next year (Donte Clark) and he is the third best player at HMA behind Gill & Rosier, VT is in for another rough season. Insert Pitt and Syracuse and in 2014 Louisville along with a couple of ACC bottom feeders with more upside and you can see where we fit in long term…not good. If there is a silver lining it will be for JJ who will be here 3 more years and then go off to a good assistant position or slide in at a CAA/southern conference or Ohio valley conference team and start from scratch…something he should have done from the get-go. Hopefully by that time Weaver and his 460.000 salary is off to retirement and we have someone that knows what they are doing and a B-Ball coach that can surpass Greenburg’s accomplishments!


JustinC March 10, 2013 at 12:50 pm

That question was brought up to Chris Coleman on his segment on The JD Howell Show this week and I like his answer. (you can listen to that segment here: http://podcast.espnblacksburg.com/030613-Hour21.mp3 ) But, his answer was when you have 1 star player, you have a lot of guys that tend to stand around and watch at times. We saw that a lot with Delaney but at times we still see a lack of motion from the other four players not named Erick Green.

With a full offseason to work, I think we’ll have a decent team next year. I’m not sure we’ll do much better in conference because well, we now have to play Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Pittsburgh each year. Those will not be wins. But, I think we’ll have a decent squad with some potential. We should start seeing JJ’s philosophy start to show through (more pressure D, pressing, faster pace of play, more shots, etc). That said, I could see another 13 win season in 2013-2014 before we start improving as a program.


Justin March 10, 2013 at 2:18 pm

In addition, it doesn’t help when our starters minus EG can not make a shot. I am watching the Wake game and Robert Brown’s first shot ( 3 pointer wide open) was a complete air bar. Maybe with more players next year the playing competition will bring out the best in our players… one can hope


JustinC March 10, 2013 at 3:13 pm

There are a lot of guys that need to move their bunk beds out of their dorms and place them in VT’s practice facility this summer and just live there. If not, they’re going to get passed by on the depth chart next year.


lj March 10, 2013 at 4:09 pm

All good points Justin, but I have seen this scenario before at a number of programs over a long period of time and it is unfortunate for JJ and VT but the when you tear down a program to the bone it is the next guy that will succeeded (unless it is anther poor AD selection decision) not the current guy. This happens even at the blue blood programs. Quick Example: IU & UK, who both had great runs halted by bad AD decision (Sampson @ IU & Gillespie @ UK) and these were successful coaches before that. So without the history lesson I will just say we will have to persevere with limited success until JJ and Weaver move on. Most VT fans did not mind Seth was replaced bust as I said on this blog the day after the firing …a program like VT will only move to the next phase (Consistent NCAA tournament selections) if the right guy comes in without having to take two steps backward. The VT B-Ball program is not one that can succeed with a first timer…period….2017 anyone?


Gbd March 10, 2013 at 8:14 pm

Weaver needs to retire, when it comes to basketball hires he has no clue I’m not saying coach johnson is Ricky Stokes all over again but it sure is looking like that. The women’s coach should of never have gotten that job they need someone who has coached women’s basketball before and who can relate to them. Weaver just went down the hall and said you want the job instead of doing a national search, it starts with weaver and he really needs to either step down or let someone else do the hiring.


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