Three to Remember: Who’s the Biggest Sleeper in the 2013 Class?

by JustinC on January 3, 2013 · 12 comments

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  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Three to Remember: Who’s the Biggest Sleeper in the 2013 Class?
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Three to Remember: Who’s the Biggest Sleeper in the 2013 Class?
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Three to Remember: Who’s the Biggest Sleeper in the 2013 Class?
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Three to Remember: Who’s the Biggest Sleeper in the 2013 Class?

fb recr cequan jefferson 2013 03 300x283 Three to Remember: Who’s the Biggest Sleeper in the 2013 Class?Every class has a commitment who outshines his star ranking and goes on to be an All-Conference performer. This 2013 class likely has one of those players. But, who will it be? For the first time in the modern recruiting era, the Hokies will ink a class without a two star according to 247sports. That points to solid evaluation from the Virginia Tech coaching staff.

Despite those rankings, there are several players who would fit the title of “sleeper.” What I looked for when composing this list were players who didn’t have extensive offer sheets but still appear to be solid players capable of developing into stars down the road. Without further adieu, here are three players to remember.

3.) OG Braxton Pfaff

Pfaff is on the list not because he’s a true sleeper but because I believe he’ll outplay his ranking of 89 (***) on 247Sports. Pfaff performed well in the Chesapeake Bowl last week and is currently out in California participating in the Semper Fidelis All-Star Game. The Lynchburg native has a fantastic senior season for Liberty Christian. Pfaff didn’t give up a single sack this year and LCA ran for over 2500 yards as well. Pfaff may need a year or two to bulk up but I think you’ll hear his name in the starting lineup by his sophomore season.

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2.) S Anthony Shegog

The Hokies have struck out on safety prospects in the last few class so odds are, one of our safeties in this class breaks that trend. Shegog is an athletic kid with a bright future if he puts in the needed work. On film, it’s clear he’s the best player on the field. How successful he is at the collegiate level will ultimately be up to him. He does need to bulk up a bit but that will come in time. Overall, I like Shegog’s game and with adequate coaching, he could be very good.

1.) CB Cequan Jefferson

For me, there was very little doubt who was going to be number one on this list. Jefferson fits the mold of a true sleeper. He held only one offer when he committed to Tech. But, he showed up to the July 4th camp and shutdown just about every receiver there. The only recruit that beat him was Mike Jones, a recruit out of Baltimore who beat just about everybody that day. Jefferson has adequate size, measuring in at 5’11” and 170 pounds. After a year of adjusting to the game, I think he’ll be either a primary backup or in the starting lineup. I wouldn’t be shocked if he spurned a redshirt year this fall as well.

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Meagan January 3, 2013 at 3:43 pm

So, has there been any more *rumors* with the OC can we truly expect any changes? I still don’t see anything happening. Fear of no change! hopefully something is done?


justinc January 3, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Haha, yes there is going to be a drastic change on offense this off-season. Just have some patience. It takes time to work out the details, interview candidates, etc. We should have a clearer picture of who the primary candidate is by the end of next week.


LJ January 3, 2013 at 6:50 pm

Just a quick shout out to Louisville. Last week I wrote how Louisville is a team on the rise and when they join the ACC after next year they will be a contender and their program is ahead of VT at this point. Some of the readers dismissed my analogy’s pointing out their lack of recruiting prowess (never a top 30 class). Well, good coaching and three stars beat mediocre coaching and four stars all day. Good win for a future ACC team…


justinc January 3, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Completely agree. Although UL used to be a big rival of ours, I really enjoyed that game last night. Glad to see a future ACC member get a big BCS win. If ND beats Alabama, the future ACC could get 3 BCS bowl wins this year. Not bad for a conference many consider on the brink of collapse.


VTnyc January 3, 2013 at 7:26 pm

How was the level of talent that Shegog played against this past year?


justinc January 3, 2013 at 7:44 pm

I don’t remember what level he plays against but Stafford produces some good talent. It’s not 6A Miami Dade-County kind of talent but its not single A either.


LJ January 3, 2013 at 8:30 pm

North Stafford was a very good team this year. They won the northeast region and beat Brook Point and Mountain View in the playoffs and lost to state champion Lake Taylor 23-21. They could have and played well enough to win the state AAA group 5 title that day. Shegog was their best player by far and like Justin said is a real sleeper, great athlete. My only concern is if the VT coaching staff red-shirts him and works him out at the wrong position and he looses his way. I also believe his sister was a HS all-American and is a 6-5 star center at UNC…


VTnyc January 3, 2013 at 9:14 pm

Thanks for the info. I saw his stats during the season and I’ll be excited to see him play. I have no problem with him being red-shirted but I hate it when they waste guys time putting them into positions they have no right being in. Didn’t they try to make Bruce Taylor a DE?


Ted January 3, 2013 at 10:31 pm

Had forgotten about Mike Jones. Where did he wind up???


Vhokie January 4, 2013 at 2:29 pm

LJ…that was me. I didn’t “dismiss” you. I simply stated that I don’t necessarily think Louisville is a better program than ours, based on just one year. Last year we were in the Sugar bowl. We have won 4 ACC championships in 9 years. I am just a little tired of the negativity and short memories of all the VT fans of late. I went to VT in the early 90′s….the team was mediocre.I graduated in December 1992. We did not make a bowl game the entire time I was at VT. VT has gone to a bowl EVERY year since then. (maybe I was bad luck) I have seen the program grow into a team to reckon with over the years. We have not gotten quite as high as we want, but winning 10 games a year for 8 years running is nothing to sneeze at. One bad year does not make a team…or a program. It was a frustrating year for sure, but I think the future is bright as long as Beamer does what he needs to do with the staff. I was rooting for Louisville. This only makes our conference stronger. Don’t be surprised if VT has a better ACC record in 2014 than Louisville does, when Louisville joins the ACC. Alot can change in 2 years. (or less) Kudos to Louisville and good job by the ACC in the bowl games. I even found myself rooting for Clemson on New Years eve.

I agree, it is time for change. Beamer needs to step up and make the hard decisions. If he does what he needs to do, I fully expect VT to be back in the top 25 again, contending for ACC championships. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss recruiting and talent. It is hard to maintain success with only 3 star recruits. You might catch lightning in a bottle, but to continue to be great for years, you need to elevate the talent level also. Here is Louisville’s records since 2007

2007 Louisville Cardinals 6-6 T-5th
2008 Louisville Cardinals 5-7 T-7th
2009 Louisville Cardinals 4-8 T-7th
2010 Louisville Cardinals 7-6 T-5th
2011 Louisville Cardinals 7-6 T-1st
2012 Louisville Cardinals 11-2 1st

Thats 40 wins and 35 losses since 2007.

Here is VT in the same time span: 60 wins, 22 losses
2007 1st 11 3
2008 1st 10 4
2009 3rd 10 3
2010 1st 11 3
2011 2nd 11 3
2012 6th 7 6

Are you REALLY going to say they have a better program than VT?? How about a little consistency and staying power before we anoint them the class of the ACC??


justinc January 4, 2013 at 3:38 pm

To be honest, I think Louisville is in a very good situation right now if they can keep Charlie Strong around for awhile. He has proven to be a very good coach and he turned down good opportunities at Tennessee, Arkansas, and Auburn. I mean he could have had his pick amongst those schools and told them all no. But, I think it’s foolish to think Louisville is a better program right now. Just like Kansas wasn’t the better program in 2007. Teddy Bridgewater is a damn good QB and Strong is a good coach but can they survive life after Bridgewater? We’ll see how well Strong can recruit and replenish talent with his guys.

I will say though adding Louisville was a good get for the ACC for Football. I think they have a much higher ceiling than Maryland.


LJ January 4, 2013 at 9:48 pm

All good analogies. But right now this moment in time it’s not even close. Louisville beat the #3 team in the country who came into the game 11-1, the number 1 ranked defense in college football, having beat 4 2012 BCS bowl teams..When have we done that? Never..2009, 2010,2011 does not help us in 2013. There are no ghosts of VT past lurking behind the scenes. Louisville will be a 2013 pre-season top 10 team, with a Heisman candidate, 25 freshman/sophomores, a top coaching staff, a good facility and very good fan base. Good for them…We on the other hand may crack the top 25 pre-season but based on the fact we were pre-season 16th last year and crashed and burned I don’t know if the pollsters trust the more difficult schedule and our coaches to rank us early. As you guys have indicated by the time 2014 rolls around things may have changed but I don’t expect Louisville to fall off under Strong, and we will still have to contend with Clemson & FSU? I think most people also believe that UNC & State will improve and don’t forget Syracuse who drilled WVU! The days will soon be over when we can look at the schedule and have guarantee W’s. So as fans let’s sit back and see what happens. Not concerned with Louisville, Clemson, FSU and the others, I am more concerned about what we are going to do to keep up with the Jones and I don’t for one want to ever have to say “remember when we were in the Chick-fa-Lay, Orange and Sugar bowls during our hay day?”


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