Two Names Emerge In Coaching Search

by JustinC on January 13, 2013 · 10 comments

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10004539-largeFrank Beamer has made it his mission this offseason to give the offense an entire overhaul. With that, will come three new coaches. An offensive coordinator who will likely double as the quarterbacks coach, an offensive line coach, and a wide receivers coach. All three of Virginia Tech’s current coaches (Mike O’Cain, Curt Newsome, and Kevin Sherman) will likely resign and take other jobs. If you read our message board then you know Kevin Sherman has already done so, officially taking the job at Purdue this week.

Obviously, the Hokies are going to have to fill their offensive coordinator spot first before moving onto the position coaches. Right now, two names have emerged out of the pack as the finalists for the offensive coordinator position. As always, these rumors are subject to change.

We’ve talked on our message board about Scot Loeffler, who spent this past season trying to make sense of a promiscuous Auburn offense. Overall, Loeffler would be a good hire. He’s a young guy (38 years old), solid recruiter, and he has a good resume. He’s spent time at Michigan under Lloyd Carr as a quarterback’s coach. He spent a few years down in Gainesville under Urban Meyer in the same role. And, he has two years of coordinator experience at Temple and Auburn.

To me, Loeffler would be a solid hire that could modernize our offense.

The next candidate that has emerged seems to be Joker Phillips who was recently relieved of his duties at Kentucky. This would be an interesting hire and one that I would be a fan of personally. Obviously, Kentucky is not an easy place to win at, especially since they’re one of the worst football schools in the conference. To compare that to the ACC, it’s like trying to win at Wake or Duke. Without a lot of resources it’s not going to happen.

That said, Phillips has spent most of his career at his alma mater. He’s done two tours at Kentucky spanning from 1988-1996 and again from 2003 to 2012. In the between years, he coached at Cincinnati, Minnesota, Notre Dame, and South Carolina.

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The downside to Joker is that he’s not a coach that’s had a whole lot of success in his career. Obviously, when you coach at Kentucky for over 10 years, you’re not going to build an impressive resume. Also, he’s primarily a wide receivers coach so you would have to hire a quarterback’s coach, which is tough to do. Most QB coaches double as offensive coordinators.

Loeffler and Phillips seem to be the two that are sticking out in this search for an offensive coordinator. I cannot confirm that either have been offered the job or have accepted the job. So, a new name could easily surface today and be hired officially tomorrow.

That said, I like both candidates above and I think the Hokies could do well with either of them. On one hand you have Loeffler who’s a young up-and-comer who led a Temple team to a 9-4 record and the 7th best rushing offense in 2011. On the other hand you have Phillips who’s an SEC guy with head coaching experience. Either way, I think the Virginia Tech offense will be improved over the next few seasons.

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