Questionable Calls Doom Hokies

by JustinC on October 20, 2012 · 5 comments

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1020 dmsp VaTechClemson1stHalf11 t607 300x203 Questionable Calls Doom HokiesWhat could have been? Logan Thomas shakes a Clemson defender and fires a pass out into the flat to a wide-open receiver for what appears to be an easy first down. However, whistles are blown and Thomas was ruled down in the backfield. The ruling being that his forward momentum was stopped. As a football fan, this is a primary example of how overly cautious we have become in regards to safety. Yes, you need to protect the quarterback but if you’re going to blow the whistle at first contact then let’s put all QB’s in yellow jerseys and make them two-hand touch. I mean if safety is that big of an issue, why not?

Rarely do I ever point to Matt Stone and Trey Parker for making a truly great point but their message in the episode entitled “Sarcastaball” was on point. Football is safer now than it’s ever been but at what cost? Players can no longer play the game without having to think about where they hit an opposing player. If you go too high, it’s a penalty. If it’s too late, it’s a penalty with a risk of being suspended a week by your conference. Maybe all football players should wear bras and hug on every play (those who watch South Park will get the reference).

That play involving the “sack” on Logan was atrocious and embarrassing for the game of football. As mad as I was as a Tech fan, I was more disappointed as a football fan. If you sign up to play football than you understand the risk on your health. If you’re worried about it, don’t play. It’s that simple. This is a collision sport and no matter how safe you try to make the game, players are still going to get injured. Shortening the game and trying to “wussify” the sport won’t help anybody going forward.

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Now that I got that off my chest, I will admit I thought the Hokies played pretty well today. Obviously, they didn’t play well enough to win but that happens when you have two very horrible, bad, no good, even Mitt Romney and Barack Obama would agree that was a fumble, calls go against you in a key moment in the game. Virginia Tech lost this game but unfortunately, they had a lot of help from the refs.

The 2nd, no good call, was the non-overturned fumble from Sammy Watkins. Clearly, Watkins lost the ball before his knee hit the ground but the play was ruled down and the replay official, who is terrible at his job apparently, didn’t overturn the call. Honestly, VT wasn’t the only one who got screwed. How many times did Clemson score on their final possession? Three times, at least before they finally punched it in on 4th down.

Those two blown calls led to a 38-17 loss at the hands of a somewhat befuddled Clemson team today. I do want to compliment our defense on their effort. They gave up 31 points (not including the LT pick six in the 2nd quarter) and only surrendered 295 yards. Honestly, you can’t ask for a much better performance from this group against this offense. So, hats off to Bud Foster and Co.

Offensively, well I’ll wait a day or two before I dive into that side of the ball. The Hokies gained 405 total yards but turnovers, bad throws, poor decisions, bad blocking (although we really only had five linemen today so I can’t bust them too much), and surprisingly good defense did the Hokies in offensively.

Luckily, the Hokies do have four winnable games left on their schedule and I think we win 2-3 of them. Tech must defeat Miami next Thursday to regain control of the Coastal Division. A loss there would likely send Tech to a 6-6 season at best. Tech can beat FSU at home but that will not be an easy game to win, especially if FSU rolls in with just one loss. Then BC and UVA, although neither team is very good, can still beat Tech if the Hokies don’t play well. It's just mindboggling to think that at the end of October, the Hokies are only going to have four wins.  That hasn't happened since 1992 when the Hokies finished just 2-8-1 on the season.

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Brian October 20, 2012 at 7:47 pm

In the time it took you to write this, our offensive brain trust called a dozen WR screens. In the time it took me to read it, they called six more.


Ben Clark October 20, 2012 at 10:13 pm

I am 58 years old, been watching football all my life, and I have never, NEVER seen officiating as bad as it was today with the hokie game. What are these idiots seeing???? And there’s a replay official to “correct” missed call’s, & this dumbass can’t get that right!!! With this being said, I thought the Hokies played a pretty good game overall, but just to many mistakes. If i see another “bubble screen” I’ll throw a brick thru my TV. Frank, Mike, Brian, get that play OUT of the playbook. 2012 is just not our year, but, it could be worse, we “could” be as bad as the ‘hoos out of C-ville(2-6).lol,lol,lol,


Hokiepoppa October 21, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Frank is loyal and doesn’t want to fire anyone and our special teams need more attention. OK, we can live with that and still be loyal. Here’s a realistic plan that Frank could buy into and could give us improveement until Frank retires. Mike O’Cain retires or is given an admin job, we move Newsome to special teams coach, demote Stinespring to tight ends/ O-line coach but basically let him keep his pay or most of it, and then hire a new offensive cordinator/QB coach and pay him well enough to get somebody good. Our program can afford to do this. If the new OC is Fridge– so be it. He knows offense and he knows the O-line well enough to give some direction to Stinespring because Fridge was an O-lineman if memory serves me.


Vhokie October 22, 2012 at 11:34 am

I would love to get an answer from the replay official as to how he did not think that was a fumble by Watkins? I would like to sit down and watch the replay in slow motion with him and hear him explain…..

The Logan sack call was really bad…but at least it was a judgement call, so you can’t blame the replay official. But to not call it a fumble by Watkins turned the game around. We were about to take over down 17-10, with the momentum of creating a turnover. Who knows what would have happened. I admit, we let it get away from us after that blown call….but seriously, that was the worst blown call by a replay official I have ever seen. It was FLAT OUT OBVIOUS!!


scott October 22, 2012 at 4:50 pm

heard a rumor that we are interested in the LaTech OC to take over in Blacksburg in the off season? Any truth to that Justin? I didn’t even watch the game fwiw; I went a nice long hike instead :-)


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