Virginia Tech Hires James Johnson as Head Coach

by JustinC on April 30, 2012 · 11 comments

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According to some reports out there, including this one by CBS, Virginia Tech has named former assistant James Johnson as head coach of our Men's Basketball team.  Johnson has spent the last five years as an assistant under Seth Greenberg and is the reason a lot of players negated the idea of transferring.  This hire will likely keep the team together and will allow us to keep current commit Montrezl Harrell, who was flirting with Kentucky while the Hokies searched for a new coach.

Overall, I like this hire.  Johnson is a very well liked and very friendly individual.  He is almost the exact opposite of Seth Greenberg in a lot of ways.  But the reason I like this hire is because a lot of our players will like this hire.  Johnson is a player's coach.  He's a guy that can bond with our guys and will once again bring back a team atmosphere in Blacksburg.  Plus, he's been our best primary recruiter over the past few years so that doesn't hurt either.  I think when it came down to crunch time, Johnson just made the most sense as our head coach and I'm happy to keep him in the Hokie family. 

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We'll have more on this hire after it's been made official by Virginia Tech. 

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