2011 Numerical Roster Countdown: No. 65 Joe St. Germain

by JustinC on June 30, 2011 · 2 comments

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With 65 days left until Virginia Tech takes the field against Appalachian State, we turn our attention to number 65 on the roster, Mr. Joe St. Germain. Obviously, most Tech fans probably don’t know who St. Germain is. That’s a good thing. When the majority of the fanbase knows who the long snapper is it’s normally not because he made a spectacular snap to the punter. It’s probably because he sent three over the punters head during a crucial conference game.  So, I'm sure St. Germain would prefer to remain anonymous amongst the Virginia Tech faithful throughout his career.

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Height: 5’11”
Weight: 215 lbs
Position: Long Snapper
Year: R-Freshman
High School: Mater Dei High School

How Did He Get Here

It’s not often that the Hokies travel all the way out to Jimmy Clausen’s old stomping grounds in Mater Dei High School for a walk-on pledge. But, that’s exactly what Coach Billy Hite did in order to get Joe St. Germain. The California native narrowed his list down to Florida and Virginia Tech in January of 2010. After visiting both places he eventually picked Blacksburg over Gainesville. With his brother being on Tech’s soccer team, the family ties to Blacksburg were just too much for the Gators to overcome in this one.

2010 Season


2011 Prospectus

After a redshirt season, St. Germain will travel with the team this season and will once again be the primary backup as a long snapper. With Collin Carroll being a senior in 2011, St. Germain will likely be the next in line to take over the duties in 2012. I’m not a long snapping expert but I don’t think we have anything to worry about at this position. Carroll was solid last year and St. Germain appears to be ready to take over that job. While size isn’t a huge issue here, it would help if St. Germain bulked up a bit this season.

Career Highlight

Earning a walk-on offer here at Virginia Tech with the likelihood he’ll be on scholarship in 2012.

Career Lowlight

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Going to the same high school as Jimmy Clausen

Look A-Like

Bertram from "Family Guy"







Completely made up fact

St. Germain was almost kicked off the team last year when an errant snap flew straight into the crotch of head coach Frank Beamer.  Thankfully, the football missed all seven of Coach Beamer's testicles. 

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