Want to Own a Piece of Hokie Stone? Like the One in the Tunnel?

by hokieg on July 28, 2010 · 3 comments

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When I was building my new patio a few years ago, I asked the contractor if he could use a few bricks of 'Hokie Stone' as a symbolic nature of my Virginia Tech fanhood.  He had no idea what I was talking about, but said if I could find it, he'd use it.  I was pretty surprise when after several hours of googling and other means of searching, I really couldn't find the stuff.

However, I've finally come accross someone selling Hokie Stone (like the one the players touch coming out of the tunnel at Lane Stadium)  - on eBay.

If you want to own your a small piece of Virginia Tech architecture, check out the offering from Steve Foresman.  This is an officially licensed Virginia Tech product, and is moulded to look like the famous piece of stone the players touch (or slap) when leaving the tunnel to enter Lane Stadium (usually to the blaring sound of Enter Sandman).  It has the VT logo and weighs only 4 pounds, and the product description says it can be displayed inside or outside.

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He also includes a poster with the words that are displayed next to the actual stone in the tunner ("For those who played, For those to come...Reach for Excellence").   Also includes instructions for mounting.  Plan on putting it wherever you exit for your job so it can provide you the same motivation on the way to work, school, or that important sales call in my case.

I'm pretty exited about finally owning a piece of Virginia Tech Hokie Stone.  Since my stone patio is already built, I plan on installing it in my office - possibly above the door so I can slap it on the way out.

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